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A limited number of lesson slots are available. Lessons cater to each rider and horse combination. Lessons accommodate the goals of each individual rider and promote proper horsemanship and care alongside essential riding skills.  


Training sessions are designed by Leah to meet the individual needs of each horse, packages are offered as full or partial training as well as individual rides.  Whether you're looking to have a young horse started under saddle or to simply have your seasoned horse tuned up, a variety of services are offered from riding, lunging, and work in hand.

Dres·sage— n. the art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility, and balance.


Students with a more competitive edge are encouraged to participate in shows.  A variety of shows are attended from local schooling shows to recognized and rated shows.  Leah is available to offer coaching at horse shows; by providing students with practical feedback she is able to help students find their own personal success in the show arena.


Leah is available on a limited basis to assist clients in finding and purchasing a suitable horse. She is also available to help sell and campaign any currently owned horses.    

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